Tiny Gladiators MOD APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Money)

Tiny Gladiators MOD APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Money)

October 9, 2020


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RPG or Role Playing Games is a classic game genre and is very popular with young people because of the storyline of the game. And Tiny Gladiators is a game like that, but also different. The game does not have a long or complicated storyline, it’s extremely basic and simple and it takes you a minute of introduction and that is it.

The plot of the game is a young gladiator who has seen his father – an old gladiator being killed by a mage in the colosseum and decided to take revenge. Players will play the role of that young gladiator and take revenge for him by clearing level in story mode, from there, the story will gradually be revealed. Besides, the game also has 2 other modes which are survival mode and PVP mode where you fight in real time with your friend or other player around the world.

Simplicity is the unique feature of the game, from graphics to gameplay. The game graphics are fine with many bright colors but the character design is quite odd. All characters in the game have a big head with closed eyes put on a small body holding weapons as big as the body is. If that is not weird enough, players can design their own character from 4 basic forms (Skelly, Dwarfy, Hairy and Oldman) and change the color of the skin, the hair or eyes. How about a yellow Skelly with attractive blue eyes? Then players will choose among 4 classes including Knight, Spearman, Assassin and Colossus can be bought using 1900 diamonds!

Character control is also utmost simple, all within six virtual buttons. Two buttons on the left down to move right and left, others on the right side to attack, jump and use skills. Winning chances as well as other things depend on the player’s ability to control.

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Simplicity but also diversity!

Even though developers tried hard to simplify the game, it still kept the diversity of a RPG game. With 4 characters and 4 classes to choose and hundreds of items to equip for your character, players can unleash the gladiator building they desire. Each class has different weapons, speed and skills. Knight uses a longsword and a shield with the ability to charge forward and attack the enemy with lightning, while spearman uses spear flexibly and can throw it to deal great damage to the enemy. Assassin who use double knives can strengthen their attack and suddenly appear from behind the enemy and attack them. Colossus is a strong character uses a giant sword, they swing it like a whirlwind deal multiple damage to their opponents and they can even stomp the ground and knock down any standing opponents. As character level goes up, players will receive skill points to upgrade 2 active and 2 passive skills. The game allows players to create up to 4 characters independently to experience the game more.

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The journey of our character goes through 7 lands with almost 200 levels and over 30 bosses and extra levels. Defeat these bosses and extra levels will give you rare and strong items for you to keep moving forward and discover the behind story.

Ingame equipment also has level and star, the higher the level and the more star the equipment has, the stronger it is. Players can also make their own artifact equipment set and activate strong passive.

Beside single-player story mode, Tiny Gladiators – Fighting Tournament also has clan feature, unlocks when players reach level 20, where you can meet other players and defeat bosses together. In addition, Player Versus Player mode is where you compete with other players, equip your character with your strongest item and join a Real Time Arena with real and strong opponents around the world. Finally, Tiny Gladiators MOD APK has an endless fight mode – Survival Tower, take down as many enemies as possible to earn worthy rewards.

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Interesting daily login rewards, random item purchase mechanism and more!

Everyday players log into the game, they will receive daily rewards and a chance to play survival tower for free. Players do not have to pay to win the game, just need to watch advertising to support developers and receive rewards in exchange! Moreover, watching an advertisement before any battle will increase your damage output by 25% and up to 150% if you use diamond!

There is no equipment to be sold in the store, you can purchase crates with gold and diamond, then open one of them to get your items. So sometimes the item you get can be extremely rare and strong, other times it is just weak and you’re going to sell it back right away. Kind of awkward and convenient at the same time!

The story mode in the game is offline so players can play it anytime and anywhere, but PVP fights and clan fights are only available when there is internet connection. The game will automatically sync once the internet is connected so you do not have to worry about losing your item or levels that you already cleared.

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