Bee Brilliant MOD APK 1.99.2 (Unlimited Money)

Bee Brilliant MOD APK 1.99.2 (Unlimited Money)

June 14, 2024


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If you like a game that you just need to connect the same image to win, Bee Brilliant will be a good choice for you. Although Bee Brilliant ranges across the puzzle game, players don’t have to solve any puzzles. The players just need to connect three bees that has the same color to win. During the game, you always meet bees that is an image of the game. You will feel interesting with it. Let’s explore Bee Brilliant.

The honey bees are funny

Bee Brilliant is one of the highly successful game that was offered by Tactile Games. You can play free the game on mobile devices, it is provided on both Android and iOS Operating System. The game is designed for a single player. When you play Bee Brilliant, you will come to the world of Beeland and meet residents of Beeland such as the singing Babees, the crazy busy Bees and the cheeky spiders.

They aren’t the ordinary bees, the bees in Bee Brilliant is created with a variety of colors. The color of the bees isn’t just yellow, they have another colors such as pink, green or red. The bees also have many different shapes. A special point of the bees is always happy. The space of the game is a forest with many trees and flowers that is very suitable for the image of the bees. This element has drawn many players. Eye – catching graphics and bright color is the attractive point in the game.

Besides, when you start to play the game, a piece of music will be sounded. It is very jolly. And music is always sounded when you overcome a level or you connected three bees or more. But in Bee Brilliant, the music can be changed when you overcome the certain level and have enough the number of stars. For example: from the first level to level 20, you will listen to the piece of music that is called “Bee Brilliant”; but you will listen to another piece of music – “Just Bee” from level 21 to level 40, … You can preview the pieces of music in the Jukebox by clicking on jukebox icon.

Connect the bees

Bee Brilliant has a familiar match-3 gameplay. You need to match the same bees to form one line but the line must have at least 3 bees. Originally, the bees will sleep in a beehive. After you have connected them, they will wake up.Unlike other games, Bee Brilliant don’t require you to connect in a row or a column. After you have won the level, you will get a particular star rating. The stars are the element that help you to unlock the piece of music. Besides, you shouldn’t be hasty, the time of the game is unlimited. But the number of transfer is limited. You should spend a little time forecasting the location that the bees will end before you moved. At this time, you need to have a good judgment and logic.

In addition, a long list of bees will bring the interesting things to you. When you connect the small bees to make the long list of bees, you will have the big bee and it will create a huge explosion. But when you match 2 or 3 big bees, they will create the much bigger explosion. Moreover, the big bees can clean up all in the row or the column. This will be extremely helpful in the levels that require you to collect honey, break rock, break ice, break spider’s web. Before each level, you will be required watching an advertisement. If you watch the advertisement, you can get more the transfer. You should salvage it because the number of the transfer is limited.

Main features in Bee Brilliant

Each game will have the own features. Bee Brilliant also has many features. The features will be the specific points that attract the players. Let’s explore them now.

Bee Brilliant has a puzzle gameplay. You just need to connect one line of bees that has the same color. The line of bees will bring score to you to escape that level. This is the first feature. Second, the player can play your way in 6 different game modes such as pop the cheeky spiders’ web, collect honey pots, … The game doesn’t constrain you to follow a rule. There are over 1000 levels in the game. You won’t feel bored with playing Bee Brilliant. Third, although the game is for a player, you can challenge your friends or your family through Facebook. Fourth, there are many bees in the world of Beeland. You will meet Ms. Honey, Sgt. Sting, Beecaso and others. In addition, the singing Babees is an integral part of this places. They will break into a tune of buzzing barber shop disco if they have a chance.

There is the important point in Bee Brilliant. Those is events when you unlocked the certain level. When you unlock the level 51, there’s the big event going on. That is “Tournament” event. You can follow the events in “Events” of the game. To enter “Events” of the game, you click on beehive icon. Besides, there are also the daily events. Don’t miss the events.

The game that you can share and play with your relatives

With the simple gameplay, the player just has to match the same bees into the list and they will win. Bee Brilliant MOD APK has attracted many players thank to that point. In the game, you will meet a lot of colorful bees form the homeland of the cute bees. Wake the bees up and receive the scores. With over 1000 levels, the game can be a goal that you want to conquer.

Bee Brilliant with eye – catching graphic and bright color will bring many interesting things to you. Besides, the lively sound of the game will help you to have minutes of wonderful relaxation after mental stress.

Bee Brilliant is waiting for you to explore.

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