Ice Age Village MOD APK 3.6.6a (Unlimited Money)

Ice Age Village MOD APK 3.6.6a (Unlimited Money)

March 27, 2024


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Gameloft SE
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Unlimited Money

Ice Age Village poster

From the famous movie Ice Age, we have the game Ice Age Village. Interestingly, there is a strong bond between films and games. Although not entirely adhering to the content of the famous movie, this game is still very attractive. The game is based on the timeline after the dissolution of the Pangea continent. At the same time, many new creatures appeared.

That is the initial scene when entering the game. In addition, there are stories that are told in cutscenes through photos and dialogues. The home of prehistoric animals was destroyed because of continental drift. The two main characters of the movie, the mammoth Manny and the sloth Sid, try to build a village to house all the poor creatures.

When you see a new creature in the village, it is because you have opened a new character. The good thing about the game is that the currency is still chestnut, just like in the movie. This is what I really like about the game.

The hard work pays off

This type of game is not new. Ice Age Village is like many other games of the same genre. You will be assigned two main missions: gather resources and gain experience to get new stories. In addition, there are other small tasks for you to do.

In particular, many people unlock chests and collect coins to buy items depending on the village level. At the same time, other free-to-play players can buy them at any moment with oak money.

About the animals

In addition to being a food source, animals also help earn you money and experience. Animals vary in all forms and characters. They are mammals, dinosaurs, fish, and birds. You will get a lot of benefits by adding a new species to the village.

However, to get the maximum benefit, you have to build a complete set of that creature. A set consists of two fully grown ones and one young child. Each new animal kid carries the same value as a parent. In other words, you can think of having a new family like increasing the population of the village.

In an unnatural way, all newborn mammals hatch from eggs, even if they are mammals. These eggs take a long time to turn to a baby. It will take you a few hours to a week for them to hatch. Also, It will take you almost twice as long as the incubation time to raise the animals. However, the game will notify you when the eggs are ready to hatch.

Interesting things in the game

Ice Age Village is very creative in adding modern buildings to the Stone Age. Different from animals, they generate labor and money but cannot be upgraded. These works only require one click to collect coins. Unlike these objects, animals require you to touch them to make coins appear. Next, you have to click on those pennies or wait a while for coins to be automatically collected.

The resources spawned from animals or objects are under the control of the timer. It will take a minimum of 20 seconds to collect the money. The purpose of this construction game genre is that they stick to the player’s time. You don’t need to monitor the game after a few hours; just see the results after one working day.

Ice Age Village screen 2


You should decorate your village with trees and statues. This will contribute to increasing the value of the creatures that live in your village. However, you should appropriately arrange decorative items to have space for pets.

The best way to add these decorations to the village is once the community has settled. Then it will be easier for you to decide on how to order these items.

This is a slow progressing world

In this new version, the player will be instructed to expand the living area of ​​the beasts. First of all, Ice Age Village will encourage you to arrange the decorations properly. Next, the game will optimize the living space in the village if you want. However, when you start the game, you only own a small living area. Once you have the money or the oak, you can buy a new ground.

The further it expands, the more land prices increase. In addition, the time allowed to open new zones increases with the size of the player’s development. This is also a disadvantage because then your cash box is too full and can not spend on anything else. This is quite boring for veteran players.

Ice Age Village screen 1

Unfortunately, the development of the game in this direction is also a weakness

The first downside is that it’s not too hard to exploit wrongly by accident. It’s annoying when the box hits a rather large object. This makes clicking on them confusing. Honestly, this is an easy problem to fix for game makers. The most optimal solution is to shrink the character selection radius. It will be simpler to collect money at that time, and there is no confusion between individuals.

Some functions in the game need to be improved

Another very annoying problem in the game is the sensitivity to observing objects in detail. There is a delay of a few seconds for the player to take action. Ironically, sometimes you want to have a bigger image of an object, but the game turns the other way. The game can replace zooming items with a button with a similar function to get rid of this.

Another downside to the game is that the link between Ice Age Village company and social media accounts is not stable. The game’s founders are also fixing this, but to be sure, players should not log in with a social network account, but rather log in via username.

Despite its limitations, Ice Age Village has been successful in many ways. One of them is that players do not need to spend large amounts of money on leveling up. This is what the developers take from the game Ice Age Adventures.

The advantages of Ice Age Village

Players have a chance to know more about the ancient world.

The players will have many missions with Sid, Manny, and Diego to the surrounding ice islands and discover exciting things on it. Sometimes you will come across adorable creatures but sometimes scary threats like dinosaurs.

The graphics in Ice Age Village are inspired by the movie Ice Age and built quite close to the original, giving players the feeling of walking in this cartoon’s world.

Interesting missions

While exploring the world, Sid and his friends will encounter deers, rabbits and their parents. But these poor creatures are captured and can not escape. The players can become their savior. Specifically, you can play mini-games in Ice Age Adventures to save them.

For instance, you need to play a diamond ranking game and have to make at least three hearts drop to the bottom of the board to rescue a creature. At the same time, players have to join Sid in the blizzard and snow to free the young animals. Then, the player can slide left, right, up, down to move and slide, helping Sid avoid obstacles.

In addition, you can help Sid bring the saved animals back to the village so that they can live. Players will be rewarded for every good deed they make with coins or food. At the same time, the creatures that are just saved will be your primary source of food.

Ice Age Village screen 3

There are many fun gifts.

Many viewers can not forget and love Scrat from the movie Ice Age. Because of that, the game would not be interesting without his appearance. In this adventure, Scrat has his own endless running mini-game.

The purpose is to run for as long as possible and try to eat items along the way to replenish the ice age village. Players will compete with their friends to see who can help Scrat go the longest distance. In addition, the player can return to the explored islands to replay the rescue mini-game. The reason is that the more rescued chicks, the faster you will level up.

The bright and colorful background

Ice Age Village owns a compelling storyline. In particular, this game becomes even more interesting when the three main characters in the game: Sid, Manny, and Diego, are voiced like the characters in the movie.

One point that can not be ignored is the top-notch graphics of this game. Ice Age Adventures uses 3D graphics, helping to depict a realistic ice world. In addition, funny motion effects also allow the characters in the game to become much more lively.

Ice Age Village screen 0

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Why cannot I download the game?

If you cannot download the game, you should check your Internet connection. A not substantial enough wifi is also a cause of crashes when downloading apps. So try to turn off the wifi or cellular data on your phone and try connecting again.

Then, you go back to continue to download the game. Be patient. Usually, the game store will have to load more data than a regular website, so you need a stable connection.

Question 2: What should I do when the game is lagging?

Clear the cache is the best way. If you are sure the cause is not because of a bad Internet connection or the third-party applications’ affection, try clearing the App Store cache. By touching the area about ten times continuously until the screen flashes once, you may fix it.

Question 3: What is the game mainly about?

The game Ice Age Village is mainly about Scrat’s journey to find the never-got oak. The journey starts since the dawn of the earth begins to emerge, leading to a multitude of unpredictable consequences, which must be mentioned. Manny, Diego, and Sid make the great cataclysm kicking off a series of amazing adventures.

Question 4: Why should I download Ice Age Village Mod Apk?

The main feature of the game is joining the Ice Age universe. Players can have a mini-game with Scrat, the long-toothed squirrel. Everyone will fall in love with this squirrel because of his cuteness. There are various quests and additional daily challenges to keep the players busy and enjoy the game more.

Question 5: What can I do in this game, Ice Age Village Mod Apk?

You can place yourself in the Ice Age world and interact with your favorite characters as they guide you through exciting quests. You can build your personal village. Also, you can pet many creatures in various kinds.

Question 6: What else do I gain when I reach higher levels in the game?

Of course, the players will have a lot of benefits when reaching higher levels. At this point, you can access new types of animals, higher buildings, as well as unique decorations, and more.

Moreover, you can unlock many funny quests, side quests, and additional daily challenges. Finishing all of them will make your village stronger and wealthier.

Question 6: Can I play with friends in Ice Age Village Mod Apk?

You can have other people to join the game with you and see who built the most beautiful and wealthy village. You can add friends via social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Observing your friends’ nation and setting a competition are what make this game funnier than ever.

Final words

Overall, Ice Age Village Mod APK is an interesting game and worth trying. The game improves from other old-school building games by adding a lot of features such as petting ancient animals and bringing the modern construction to the ice age period. If you are having a workaholic day, Ice Age Village Mod APK is an energy drink that you should not miss.

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