Bruce Lee: Enter The Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

November 14, 2020


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Bruce Lee is known for Jeet Kune Do – a hybrid martial arts philosophy drawing from different combat disciplines. He is the idol of many people. Bruce Lee: Enter The Game also is developed based on this idol. The name has showed it. In the game, you will be taken part in arenas and fight enemies. Start to bear down them with martial arts and save your friends.

Discover a closet

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game is the arcade game that was offered by Hibernum – a game development studio is based in Montreal and creates unique gaming experiences. The game is available on Google Play for download for Android users. And the players can play Bruce Lee: Enter The Game anywhere without the Internet connection. But the game is just for single player.

At first, our character is built in his image in hometown Hong Kong. But the publisher has been provided some suits for the players in the game. You can change clothes for your character. The clothes can also improve the strength of the character. There are 5 suits such as Casual, Sport, Classical, Movie Star, Timeless Legend. You have to overcome a fixed level of the game to unlock the suits. When you overcome level 5, you will unlock Casual. Level 15 brings Sport for the players. In addition to overcoming the level, the player need an amount of money to have them.

Besides, vivid sound will make you feel excited in battles. The distinctive screams of Bruce Lee while he fights. Bright and different background also helps the player to feel comfortable in the dramatic battles with quick and strong actions. You can fight in the house or at docks, … Although the actions are just created by 2D design, they are extremely authentic.

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Become a martial artist

With Bruce Lee: Enter The Game, the player will become the martial artist and fight hoodlums in the streets. Perform the martial arts movements of Bruce Lee with the combination of Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do. Before you play the first level, you will be guided the basic movements. The player just need to swipe simply on the screen to punch or jump kick their enemies. For example, tap and hold down to the right of Bruce to walk to the right and vice versa for the left. Swipe horizontally to perform a middle strike, swipe in a downward diagonal to perform the low strike and in an upward diagonal to perform the low strike. In every level, you will see an arrow on the enemy’s head. You need to perform the movements of the arrows. This not only stop the attack of the enemies, but also make them dizzy in a period of time. But if you perform the wrong movements, your character will lose blood by their attack. With the strong enemies, the player will have to perform the special attacks to defeat them. Special attacks are performed by swiping then holding down before releasing. Let’s defeat the enemies with great and exact martial artist skills and a fast speed.

Besides, the game has also provided some weapons for the player. Those are gloves, nunchakus. Your character also can use them proficiently. These weapons are quite expensive. Grapping Gloves costs up to 15000 coins. Some weapons are bought by coins. But others need jades to buy. To earn the coins and jades, you need to complete challenges that the game has published. Complete 3 different scenes, earn 15 stars, perform 1000 mid strikes or defeat 25 enemies. Those are some challenges of the game. And you also can receive the coins after you have completed the level.

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Upgrade the skills

The levels will be harder and harder. So you need to upgrade the skills of your characters. There are 3 skills that need to be improved. Those are Vitality, Power and Fury. In the skills, the strongest skill is Fury. It helps the character to deliver a series of the attacks with blinding speed and tremendous force. You will bear down the enemies in moments. You can use Fury skill in each scene or not. In addition, the player can use more some boost skills – a special power-up that help you win more easily without taking too much power. “Numbing pain” will ignore the first hit taken. “Combo recovery” helps you only lose half your combo when the character is hit.

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Like some different games, Bruce Lee: Enter The Game MOD APK also has many modes so that people can discover and challenge their ability. “The Last Straw” mode is the first mode that you start to play. In this mode, some levels require you to achieve the certain number of stars to unlock. Two remaining modes are “Endurance” and “Beatdown Buffet”. The modes will be unlocked when the player overcome the certain level. With “Endurance” mode, you will face endless enemies while climbing global LEADERBOARDS. You need to prepare yourself and have the good skill and agility to quickly defeat the enemies.

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Experience the action role – playing game

With simple gameplay, Bruce Bee: Enter The Game is suitable of people of many ages. You just need to swipe on the screen to perform the movements. Moreover, the main character is Bruce Lee. This is an element that helps the game attracts the players that is a fan of Bruce Lee. Equipment system includes suits and weapons. They help your character to increase the fighting skills. The daily challenges will improve your agility. You have to fight the enemies, but at the same time you need to perform instructions on the screen.

In addition, the battles are taken place in many different places. The simulation sound is very realistic. They make Bruce Lee: Enter The Game become more interesting. Playing the game is also a way so that you relax after a long work day. Although you have to fight the enemies to save your friends, you don’t perform too much the movements. Take part in the game and start experience as a legend of Chinese martial arts.

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