Dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles

August 18, 2021

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For those who’re tired of shooting and fighting games, Dawn of Isles could definitely be your next favorite game. It comes with combined elements of multiple genres, all in a massive multiplayer online game. Find out more about this amazing game from NetEase Games with our review.


In this game, you’ll be playing as a hero who’s trying to build his/her home island into a prosperous town. And to do this, you must go around gather resources, collect items, craft tools, construct buildings, and so on. You can even create your own products to sell in the market. This creates a world where players can self-sustain themselves without having to purchase almost anything. Players can trade, interact, form team and participate in exciting quests. There are tons of different thing that you can do in Dawn of Isles.

Dawn of Isles


Here are some of the most amazing features that the game offers:

Simple and intuitive controls

The game features some of the simplest and intuitive control systems that I’ve seen on Android games. Utilizing the touch controls and gestures, Dawn of Isles allow gamers to truly immerse in the actions without being limited by the controls. In addition, most of the important options and features are displayed intelligently, allowing gamers to quickly access them without spending too much time figuring things out.

Changing your camera view

To make the game more exciting, Dawn of Isles allows players to effortlessly zoom in and out while playing the game. This makes things a lot more interesting as you can either choose the top down view to see things clearer and more throughout while also able to explore the beautiful landscape with the third person view.

Dawn of Isles

Beautiful and interactive environment

You can hardly find any MMO in the market with such beautiful and interactive environments like Dawn of Isles. Here you have NPCs running around doing their daily jobs, friendly animals ready to be tamed, and so on.

In addition, natural elements like trees, rocks, waters, and animals are extremely interactive. You can chop down trees for wood materials, smash rocks for rock materials, and so on.

Awesome monsters to fight and collect

In Dawn of Isles, players are introduced to lots of different species of animals. They can be as huge as the house or small like your average dog or cat. Each monster comes with its own powers and abilities which allow them to control multiple powers.

You can use your skills and charms to tame these animals so that they’ll serve as your pet. Take good care of them and give them proper training. You pets will be extremely helpful in battles.

In addition, each animal in Dawn of Isles has its own evolution system. Raise your pet well and it might evolve into a powerful animal later in the game.

Dawn of Isles

Make everything you need with your hands

In Dawn of Isles, most things are created by the gamers. All you need is the materials, tools, and the proper skills to make everything you want. Build your house, craft items, make potions, and so on. You can use these items for your own good or sell them and make a fortune.

Complete exciting missions and challenges to earn valuable prizes

While you can collect items all around the realm of Dawn of Isles, doing missions is definitely the quickest way to get what you need. Start by simple missions such as building, crafting, hunting, or taming. Once you complete your missions, you can go get your valuable prizes.

Dawn of Isles

Team up with other players to deal with powerful enemies

And if you’re aiming for a difficult mission with great prizes, it might be a great idea to form your own team to deal with powerful enemies. Here in Dawn of Isles, gamers will have their own roles in a party. You can either be a tank and sustain damage for your team, an assassin that can deal fatal damages to the enemies, a healer that would keep your team boosted and protected, and so on. Switch between different team compositions and select the right one for the right time.

Interesting combat system

An interesting thing that you haven’t seen in any other MMO game is the exciting combat system in Dawn of Isles. Here you can choose to fight with your pets, which can provide great help when dealing with the enemies.

You can also make uses of smart combos that would deal devastating damages to the enemies. And most importantly, you can combine your skills to create a more powerful one. For example, you can combine water and wind to create ice, wind and poison to create a more powerful blast, etc.

And last but not least, you’ll need to pay attention to the elemental system, which has direct effects on your battle. For example, water attacks will have more effects on fire monsters, fire attacks are effective against leaf elements, and so on.

Dawn of Isles

A massive world with lots of accessible locations

Here in Dawn of Isles, besides your own island, you’re also able to access other player’s islands, mostly your friends. You can visit them to see how they construct and develop the economy. In addition, you’ll be introduced to dozens of epic locations in the realm. Here you can find epic monsters and collectible goods. So make sure you give them a try.

Free to play

The game is currently at the pre-release stage and will be available for players from all over the world in the next few weeks. Right now, you can start enjoying the gameplay by download and install the game from Google Play Store.

Visual and sound quality


You’ll be surprised to find the graphics and arts in this game extremely similar to Zelda Breath of the Wild. This is also why this game is highly recommended for its vibrant graphics. The surrounding landscapes are also quite responsive. All combined to elevate the graphics quality of the game.

In addition, the game comes with adjustable graphics quality, which means that you can enjoy the game on multiple devices without having to worry too much about the hardware.


The game currently supports partial voice dialogues on some part of them and is expected to cover all the NPCs’ dialogues in the near future. This would really add up to the immersive elements of the game. In addition, with accurate sound effects during both battles and daily activities, players will find this game extremely addictive.

How To Install Dawn of Isles APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.netease.hdjygb. Ensure that the OBB file (main.22.com.netease.hdjygb.obb) and (patch.22.com.netease.hdjygb.obb) sits within the com.netease.hdjygb folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Dawn of Isles latest 1.0.22 Android APK

There is no need to reconsider, this game is by far one of the best MMO games for Android devices that you can currently get.

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