Dino Battle MOD APK 15.0 (Unlimited Money)

Dino Battle MOD APK 15.0 (Unlimited Money)

Tap Pocket Unlimited Money

In the animal world, perhaps everyone is curious and wants to learn more about rare animals, endangered species listed in the Red book, or even extinct animals. When it comes to extinct animals people can’t help but mention dinosaurs, which are reptiles of large size, ferocious with sharp and distinctive teeth is very dangerous that dominated the animal world in primitive times. So do you want to get close to it and learn more about dinosaurs? Right now we will introduce to you an action role-playing game called the Dino Battle, the game will take you to the primitive world of dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago, where the life of dinosaurs happen every day, so to know how they survive and fight, now let’s explore the game Dino Battle together!

Description About the game Dino Battle.

The Dino Battle is a super dramatic action role-playing game released and developed by Tap Pocket, a game maker known for attractive role-playing games, especially the game about the animal world, Tap Pocket has launched great game products such as Dgaron Battle game, Sea Monster City game, Dino Walter World game, Shark World game, Dragon Village game… Especially in the Dino Battle game that we are about to introduce to you today.

In the game, the player will play the role of the main character who is the trainer, the farm owner of powerful dinosaurs in fierce fighting battles. Many dinosaur species with special fighting skills are waiting for you to discover, train and challenge the strongest opponents and have a chance to win and become the champion dinosaur warrior. So how to train the dinosaurs to become champion warriors, and ​now invite everyone to explore together how to play and how to play the game Dino Battle

The task and the rule.

The game Dino Battle with many different dinosaurs, from herbivorous dinosaurs to carnivorous dinosaurs, the tyrannosaurs, for carnivorous dinosaurs, they are always ready to rush into the fight whenever there is a chance. In the game, the player will play the role of a dinosaur trainer, care for, and develop a growing dinosaur herd to fight with other dinosaurs to collect the gold coins and the items useful and valuable to yourself. Each dinosaur has different powers hidden in different mystical skills, so the player needs to observe, exploit and make full use of the strengths and the skills of the dinosaurs in my herd.

When starting the game, people will be led to a wildland, but there are many old trees, the player’s job is to renovate, clean, to create a living environment as well as a play area spacious for the dinosaur herd. In addition to taking care of the dinosaurs, in the game Dino Battle, the player will also create a part of the land to grow crops, create a food source for the dinosaurs. What an experience of growing vegetables and raising animals ^^

And to develop the dinosaurs, the first thing the player needs to do is to buy the eggs at the store in the game Dino Battle, after choosing the eggs and buying eggs, the player must also choose to buy a suitable habitat to raise and Incubate dinosaur eggs, and the dinosaurs after successfully hatching, they will live and move in the environment area that the player has purchased.

After the baby dinosaurs have grown and matured, they begin to show and demonstrate their power abilities, some dinosaurs will have the power of fire, can scream, breathe fire, the opposite type will have a dinosaur with the power of water, it has the ability to put out the fire, besides many other powers such as creating the wind, the earthquakes, the sparks, the poison .etc. are owned by each dinosaur. In addition to choosing to buy the eggs in the Dino Battle game store, the player can breed dinosaurs by breeding, and how to breed in the game will have specific instructions. The baby dinosaurs after being born are still very weak, so they need to be cared for and fed and need a lot of energy to grow. The player now has to take care and help the baby dinosaurs grow up by using the food they grow, the powering up the dinosaurs, the higher the level, the faster and stronger the dinosaur grows. Each dinosaur species will have a maximum level of 25, 30, 40 to 50cm helping dinosaurs reach the highest level of development will turn them into powerful warriors to go to war with other dinosaurs. During the battle, on each dinosaur will appear an energy bar, so if you see a dinosaur that is about to run out of energy, the player needs to let his dinosaur launch a special move too quickly finishes the match.

Every day the player will receive new tasks from the Dino battle game system, many very diverse and attractive tasks including buying more dinosaurs, breeding new varieties, planting and harvesting fruits, participating in match battles with other dinosaurs. Each the completed mission the player will earn a lot of gold, green gems, and fruits and use these loot to buy more useful items as well as upgrades the dinosaurs.

The graphics and the sound.

The Dino Battle game with sharp and colorful cartoon graphics, shaping all the dinosaurs in the game is diverse, the ferocious, and realistic, the vibrant sound with catchy music and baby the growls dinosaurs create a dramatic battle but equally interesting and attractive to the player.

The features of the game.

  • The game with graphics, fighting skills between extremely beautiful dinosaurs.
  • The game is completely free to play, the player will experience a high-class and interesting livestock farm model with dinosaur farming.
  • Many diverse tasks every day for people to complete.
  • Many challenges and different scenarios for each player to conquer and experience.
  • Players can upgrade their dinosaurs freely.
  • The lively and dramatic game sound.

Come here, have you seen the game attractive yet? If you’re curious, now hurry up and go to the Google Play Store to download the game Dino Batlle to your device and role-play, and don’t forget to invite more friends to play together. Let’s revive the power of extinct beasts together, explore the world of primitive giant reptiles, create your own dinosaur swarm, and feast your eyes on skirmishes fierce, dramatic battles between dinosaurs, besides enjoy a peaceful life together while taking care of the agricultural the garden and watching the little dinosaurs play together!

Hopefully, the Dino Battle game will bring players new, exciting, and exciting gaming experiences as well as having moments of really comfortable and wonderful relaxation when participating in Dino Battle games.

Have fun playing the game!

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