Food Gang MOD APK 1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Food Gang MOD APK 1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Bloop Games Unlimited Money

Food Gang is an online 2D action game. The game has a fast and fun rhythm. You will play the role of familiar foods, and fruits. You participate in extremely interesting battles with other players. Use your favorite weapon and participate in exciting battles. You fight your opponents in the kitchen – the battlefield contains a lot of fun for the player. You and your teammates plan, and destroy the enemy with your impressive shooting skills. Players can take advantage of hidden positions such as plates, pots, wine glasses … The game creates a fun atmosphere with humorous battles. You try to destroy the enemy within the time limit, and win after the time is over.

About Gameplay

Food Gang brings funny, interesting, and super fun fruit battles on the phone. The game is developed by Bloop Games and promises exciting PvP battles. All will give players a comfortable time after hours of stressful study work. The game’s interesting story is about food that is food for everyday meals. The game relies on food to create fun gameplay. The game allows you to choose from 14 unique characters, and you get the chance to control fruits like cucumbers, or you become a fruit like a watermelon, or you become a pastry. The characters are capable of attacking near or far. Each type of food has its characteristics and strengths. Players take advantage of the strengths of the character that they have chosen. The game offers more than 50 great skills for you to explore. Things are not easy, and you need to fight brilliantly to win big bounties and unlock lots of fun.

Food Gang brings joy when seeing the fight scene of Pizza, or tomato. The food is armed to fight, and everything is probably beyond our imagination. Each match has a time of one and a half minutes, and you need to coordinate with your teammates to destroy the most opponents within the time limit. You need to make the right choices, and be quick when the time begins. You will meet familiar things on the dining table, such as wine bottles, glasses, plates, pots, … You take advantage of all obstacles to find a safe hiding place.

Food Gang not only brings exciting battles, but also helps you to satisfy the action experience in a fun way. You will enjoy controlling an armed Watermelon, or Crazy Donut with bazookas, Pineapple and Broccoli with big hammers. The more powerful characters you control, the faster you can jump and move. Your attacks on enemies will deal more damage. In general, the higher you level up, the easier things will be with the high strength of the character. During the match, you need to collect stars to get amazing rewards. The game offers a rich experience when introducing 3 unique arenas. You will have a lot of different things to fight your opponent. The game classifies each level of character. Each level causes the character to have different changes. Players can get extra shoes, bonuses when leveling up. In particular, the character’s health and attack stats also increase with the level. You can hold out longer when fighting enemies at higher levels.

Food Gang introduces many different weapons, and each type is attached to each different character. Of course, each character has different attack abilities. You need to use your sword or gun wisely. You will have many combat options such as a sword, hammer, or gun. But each character has a certain amount of stamina, and you need to attack continuously to successfully destroy the enemy. Note that if you fight an enemy at close range, your character and your teammates will be destroyed quickly. The game offers the title path with many medals. Complete weekly challenges to unlock more awesome items and features.


Food Gang has action gameplay, so the mechanism is familiar. You use the left button to navigate the character. You use the button on the right to use the action buttons like jump, shoot a gun. At the beginning of the game there is an extremely thorough tutorial for beginners. In short, the control mechanism is not complicated. It’s all about jumping up, moving sideways and attacking.

Graphics and sound

Food Gang has beautiful 2D graphics, bright colors. The characters are all very detailed in design. Characters like cauliflower, hamburger, tomato are very similar to reality. The weapons are also taken care of, and are very similar to actual weapons. The sound is very vibrant, and full of effects with the gunfire, running of the character.

You can try “Stealth Master” if you love 3D arcade action. The game also has great 3D graphics, and great action gameplay if you love the stealthy ninja style. Also, you should try “” if you love action gameplay like Minecraft.


Food Gang offers a fun 2D action space, and lots of exciting experiences with fruits/foods. You participate in battles, and control familiar characters in every daily meal. Each fruit is a warrior, and each character can fight with its special ability. The game sounds fun, and is easily accessible to players of all ages. You will have many fun moments when you enter the world of food combat. Get ready to enjoy fast-paced action by immersing yourself in your favorite fruit, and conquer all enemies with your teammates.

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