Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival MOD APK 0.41.1b (Unlimited Gold Coins)

Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival MOD APK 0.41.1b (Unlimited Gold Coins)

FreeDTeam Unlimited Gold Coins

Imagine yourself drifting on the endless ocean with little resources left to survive. What would you do and how will you do it to get out of this desperate situation? Let’s find your for real in this amazing game from FreeDTeam. Experience the Last Day on Raft as you begin your survival journey as a lost soul in this deadly water.

Do what you have to do to get yourself back on your feet. Start by finding foods and supplies to sustain your depleting energy. Create useful items from random objects that you find on the ocean. Make tools so that you may have better chances of surviving the ocean. Fight against monster fishes and attackers that wouldn’t let go of your meaty flesh.

Who’s going to be the hunter and the prey? Find your answer in Last Day on Raft Ocean Survival.


In the game, players will join the unwanted adventure of a ship-wrecked passenger who happen to find himself alive on his so-called “raft”. In this desperate situation, it’s important not to lose hope and keep moving forward.

That being said, you should have plenty of things ahead to do. Start by fixing the mess that you’re calling house and start building a much better one. Along the way, you could craft some useful items to make your life more convenient.

The rod could be useful while you’re in the ocean as it will help you in fishing for food and collecting items. And to deal with the deadly water, it’s also important to have yourself armed so you can protect yourself from dangerous predators. A paddle is also needed to guide your raft to the right direction. There so much to do and so many things to prepare.

So, what should you do to start your life on the endless ocean? Let’s find out.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Be resourceful in your journey

To survive in this tough water, you need to be self-sufficient and provide yourself with all the important items and tools. Start by making your hook so you might collect more items and have better chances at surviving.

And the ocean will provide you with what it has. Dozens of different chests and barrels are floating on the sea, waiting to be collected. With your hook, you can get yourself some awesome goods like foods and supplies.

In addition, you might also collect materials that could be used to fix your raft and turn it into something that’s more reliable. Say, like a floating house on the sea. Plus, there are also chances to collect awesome chest of golds.

Massive open world map

The game introduces gamers to the massive ocean which features multiple location. Here, you can enjoy yourself in front of the beautiful landscapes. Just sit back and relax to forget about the hardship that you’ve been through. Not to mention that the realistic day-night cycle and weather conditions will make the game extremely believable.

Create awesome stuffs with your collected items

And since you can’t find a place to get the necessary tools and weapons while staying in the endless ocean, it’s recommended that you have the items created using your own crafting skills. That being said, the game allows you create useful tools and weapons with the items you have in your inventory.

Time to make uses of your creativity and create some awesome equipment. Get ahead of your enemies and become the hunter in this deadly ocean. Don’t let the sea predators get the best of you. Be the last one that survive after your epic fights with nature.

Make awesome constructions with your building skills

Gamers in Last day of Raft Ocean Survival can also find themselves being introduced to dozens of different building and upgrading options. You can’t never survive the wrath of nature with just a torn-out raft.

Make uses of your building skills to fix your raft as well as upgrade it to gain better chances of surviving the tough ocean. Feel free to take your imagination to the max and create even a floating castle on the sea.

As long as you can collect enough material, you can build it.

Protect your raft from enemies

And as mentioned, along with nature’s wrath, your life on the raft will also be bothered by many unwanted ocean creatures. No matter what their purposes are, it’s recommended that you have your spears readied to take them down at any moment. Defend your raft at all costs or you’ll never be able to survive. Let every day not be your last day on earth. Show your will to fight despite the hardship.

Experience your own castaway story

In Last Day on Raft Ocean Survival, gamers will have their chances to experience the exciting survival game. With multiple choices to make that would guide your fate to completely different directions, you can experience a castaway story of your own.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, you can still have the game for free on your mobile devices. Hence, it’s quite easy to have the game installed on your Android smartphone. Just download and install it from Google Play Store to start enjoying.

Not to mention that the in-game rewards will really make up for your hardship, so the in-app purchases might not be so necessary.

Unlimited gameplay with our mod

But if you wish to experience the game in the most comfortable way possible, you can still have our mod version install on your devices. That being said, just download our Last Day on Raft Ocean Survival Mod APK on your mobile devices to start enjoying the ad-free gameplay. Plus, you’re also allowed to make endless purchases without having to pay.

Visual and sound quality


With realistic 3D graphics, your survival adventure suddenly comes to life. Find yourself experiencing the unique and refreshing feelings of drifting on the massive ocean on your raft, not knowing what would happen.


The game features immersive sound effects that make you feel like you’re actually lost in the endless ocean. Hear the wave crashing into each other and the sound of your rundown raft as you go. It feels sad but also beautiful at the same time.

Download Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival latest 0.41.2b Android APK

Simulation fans who’re looking for a real challenge will find this game extremely addictive. With Last Day on Raft Ocean Survival, you’ll find yourself an enjoyable time right on your mobile devices. Plus, it’s free to play, so we don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t give it a try.

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