Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

November 13, 2023


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128.11 MB
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Unlimited Money

Marshmello Music Dance poster

For those of you who are interested in the casual music and rhythm-action games, this awesome mobile title of Marshmello Music Dance will definitely impress you.


If you’re looking for the most interesting music games to enjoy on your mobile devices, then Marshmello Music Dance is definitely a great title to have on the go. Here, the exciting game provides casual and fun gameplay of rhythm-action and free running, which will allow you to always make the most of your audio and arcade experiences.

Simply dive into the mobile title and start exploring its many interesting elements, as you unlock the addictive music dance game from Gamejam. Enjoy playing the awesome mobile titles while listening to your favorite beat and having fun with the incredible dances. Feel free to customize your characters and dance moves to always have the most fun with the mobile title.

Find out more about this awesome mobile title of Marshmello Music Dance and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

Story & Gameplay

Here in Marshmello Music Dance, Android users will have themselves the most incredible mobile game of casual arcade music gameplay. Simply enter the mobile title and pick your characters to dive into the endless levels of action-packed and immersive music games on any of your mobile devices. With fun gameplay and interesting in-game elements, you can always dive into the game and enjoy the moments.

Have yourself the most fun and intuitive gameplay of dancing in Marshmello Music Dance. Enjoy your multiple songs with various beats and amazing music from different genres. Explore the different levels of difficulty to keep you hooked to the experiences. Have yourself the most unique dancing gameplay of Marshmello Music Dance on all your mobile devices.

Enjoy unlocking cool characters and fun accessories to make the game more interesting. Have fun competing with friends and online gamers for epic high scores, or join each other in the epic tournaments. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the most fun and intuitive mechanics

To start with, Marshmello Music Dance gamers will have themselves the most intuitive gameplay of a casual rhythm runner with simple controls and fun mechanics. Here, all you need is to use the simple drag controls to move the character around the display, allowing him to consistently land on the beats. Maintain your perfect streaks of powerful beats to enjoy getting the high scores. Simply select your songs and the levels to immediately get started with the game.

Multiple songs to enjoy all the way

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the multiple songs in Marshmello Music Dance, which come in various genres and collections. Here, you can have absolute fun playing your EDM, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic, and all kinds of incredible remixes from the in-game libraries. In addition, with an ever-expanding library of songs that can easily rival the likes of Dancing Road and Dancing Ballz, you can always pick the right songs and start having fun with your dances on the go.

Endless levels with increasing difficulties to keep you interested

In addition, the songs and audio tracks in Marshmello Music Dance are placed into different levels with increasing challenges to keep you more interested. Enjoy playing all the great Marshmello’s hit songs by progressing through the levels and improving your music skills. In addition, with varied difficulty for each of the songs, you can have a lot more fun with your rhythmic dancing gameplay.

Enjoy the unique beat dancing gameplay

For those of you who are interested, you can now have the most unique beat dancing gameplay in Marshmello Music Dance, which will allow you to always have the most fun playing the mobile title. Simply enter the game and explore the levels. Here, depending on the songs and the characters, the game will display incredible dance moves of different styles to really impress you. From the awesome flips and salsa, to those incredible dance moves of superman.

Have fun collecting cool characters and accessories

With Marshmello Music Dance, Android games will have the option to play their game with many cool characters, each having their own interesting designs and unique in-game interactions. Have fun playing through the levels and enjoy watching different dance moves from your crew of capable dancers. And at the same time, also work on collecting many blades, which will allow your characters to slice through the beats and have more fun playing the game.

Beat the top high scores

The main goal of Marshmello Music Dance would be to beat your own high scores then to others. With many different songs to master and different levels of difficulty to compete in, you can always have fun playing the mobile title on the go.

Enjoy the online competitions

By featuring the incredible online competitions, Marshmello Music Dance will now allow Android gamers to join friends and online gamers in exciting matchups. Enjoy competing in the game to win your challenges and earn yourself incredible prizes through the tournaments. Multiply the fun and excitement, as you join gamers from all over the world in this challenge.

Sign in to unlock more features

For those of you who are interested, you can now quickly enter the game and play with your guest account. However, it’s recommended that you play Marshmello Music Dance with your account linked to the game. This will provide you with the one-time loot to quickly get started in the game. In addition, the online saves and syncs will be enabled to protect your in-game data and sync your progress between devices. And, you can now find your social friends who are also playing the game.

Available in different languages

With the game being available in different languages of English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese, and more, mobile gamers will have no troubles exploring Marshmello Music Dance and their in-game experiences. Simply enter the game and choose your preferred language options to have the most immersive gameplay on the go.

Enjoy the offline game on the go

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting offline gameplay of Marshmello Music Dance on the go. Here, there is no need for you to turn on the mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi networks, just to start playing the mobile title.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is still free on the Google Play Store for all mobile gamers to enjoy on their Android devices. Simply enter the game and start having fun with many of its features whenever you want.

Enjoy the modded game on our website

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the unlocked gameplay of Marshmello Music Dance with removed ads and unlimited features, then you might want to consider our modified version of the game instead. Here, we offer the modded app with removed ads and free shopping that you can enjoy without paying. Thus, allowing you to have more fun without the game. Simply download the Marshmello Music Dance Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


With amazing 3D graphics and beautiful visual effects, Marshmello Music Dance allows Android gamers to have absolute fun with their dancing experiences and the rhythm-action gameplay. Always enjoy the smooth animations, cool visual effects, and interesting character designs. All of which will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

Sound & Music

Together with incredible graphics, Marshmello Music Dance also provides high-quality audio experiences. Here, you can listen to high-fidelity audio tracks and songs from different genres. And the enhanced audio effects will definitely make the game extremely fun and exciting for all of you.

Final thoughts

With interesting gameplay and cool in-game elements, Marshmello Music Dance will allow Android gamers to have the best rhythm-action and free-runner game on their mobile devices. Feel free to enter the game and choose your favorite songs to start having absolute fun with your addictive music experiences.

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