Survive Squad APK 1.8.4

Survive Squad APK 1.8.4


Survive Squad is a game that was released on 19th October 2022 and was updated last on 6th February 2023 by Casual Azur Games – an international mobile game developer and publisher. With over 500,000 downloads and suitable for players over 16 ages, Survive Squad is a casual roguelike survival io game that has a fast tempo with elements appearing continuously. Your purpose is to build a team to fight with alien invasion and survive as long as possible.

Interesting notes

  • This is a game with 3D colorful images and a diversity of characters and weapons. It’s accompanied by exciting sounds following the movement of the characters.
  • To play, the player can use the cursor or the movement of fingers to navigate the character moving around the map in the game.
  • This is also a survival game, so you have to control your characters and team that lasts the longest in Survive Squad.
  • Besides, you can upgrade weapons, HP, support tools for your team, power and other elements through the store or edit the character.
  • In addition, there are dozens of survival arenas with challenging obstacles and enemies in Survive Squad so you explore


There is only English that is used in this game, so you can have trouble if you are good at English. But don’t worry because the game has reality images to make you understand how to play more easily.

How to play

You will use your finger to move the characters or the team forward, rearwards, to the left or right on the map to combat alien monsters. You won’t need to do anything except move your characters and team. Because they will do everything themselves. For example, using weapons such as guns, bow and arrows, boomerang or many different dangerous weapons to destroy monsters. After you destroy one monster, there are resources like gold or gemstone that will appear. And then you will need to move to collect the resources. This will help you to increase power and HP. When the power bar is full, you will be able to upgrade your character’s skills and select the free new tools such as a fighter aircraft, death’s head to hurt the monsters or a bar magnet to collect the resources more quickly. Besides, you also can choose to upgrade the fighting strength for any characters in your team.

In particular, you won’t be restricted in your movements in the map unless the super monster appears. Then you will have to move to a smaller area. These are movement limits that make you have a lot of difficulties while fighting the super monsters. It will make you unable to move away from the monsters, so you will be able to be hit by the monsters’ attack. And then your survival ability will decrease. Therefore, you will need to move skillfully unless the game ends.

In addition, lucky spin and resource chests in Survive Squad will be a big opportunity for you to get resources such as coins, gold, ruby, gold keys, silver keys and so on.

Besides, in the Talents section, you can use gold coins to upgrade the heroes’ abilities to be stronger and deal more damage to the monsters.


In Survive Squad, you start as a lonely survivor. But you only need to move around the city, you can meet other warriors and recruit them to your squad. There are many unique heroes to choose from, such as a rifleman, mad scientist, paladin, archer and more. Each here will have special abilities and skills that help you to survive.

Fighting weapons

Crossbow: With the weapon as the crossbow, you only can wing one arrow at a time to damage the monster. But don’t worry because it will be fired continuously. And this is also a main potent weapon of the team because it deals a lot of damage to the monsters.

Automatic rifle: This is a weapon that allows you to fire ammunition very fast and damage highly. However, there are not many characters that can use the automatic rifle. So you need to calculate and use this weapon efficiently to win.

Semi Automatic rifle: This weapon only allows you to put a bullet at one time. However, the degree of damage is also quite high and range is very far.

Knife: Now you can think it will be hard when we use the knife to fight the monsters. But maybe you made the mistake. Because when one knife is launched, it will cause high damage.

Electron laser gun: When you hear the laser gun, you can think this is a weapon in the future. That is true. Using the electron laser gun will be an advantage for your team. Because it’s very flexible in fighting.

Especially if you are a person who has a passion for history and film, you can notice that the weapons that are summarized above will go through periods of time such as Medieval (knife, crossbow); Modern (Semi Automatic rifle); Present (Automatic rifle) and Future (Laser gun). In addition, this is a game fighting the aliens. So the game’s meaning is described as the mix of times and many races in the world. Fight and win at any cost.

Play Survive Squad most comfortably and understand the game’s meaning as a saying for the connection of history and future as well as people’s life in the modern and past world to survive and overcome the difficulties in life together, no matter if this is a disaster from another planet.

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