Zombie HQ MOD APK 1.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie HQ MOD APK 1.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

April 15, 2021


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Zombie HQ is bringing fierce battles in the city rife with zombies. You explore an abandoned city. All the bars / shops closed, and the damn zombies were everywhere. You have to escape, and kill all zombies with lots of guns around. You build bases, and shelter in safe places. You ambush in the houses, or climb some place to destroy the city. You must take control of the city, and get powerful guns, explosives, and powerful weapons to kill zombies. Also, you must rescue survivors from zombie hordes to gain rewards. You build your ultimate cave with amenities like: swimming pool, hot tub, TV, turntable, trees and many more interesting things.

About Gameplay

Zombie HQ has great features of an action role-playing game. You use a variety of weapons including pistols, rifles, snipers, and other powerful guns (like machine guns, flamethrowers, and more. destroy monsters, and explosives). The game has many fashion styles, and you have the freedom to change outfits such as armor, hockey masks, beer hats and more. After a period of combat, you can design your shelters with arcade game consoles, jukeboxes, swimming pools, hot tubs, turntables and amazing rocket systems. You will destroy the Zombie, and perform other violent killing actions. In addition, the game also has many special missions from time to time. The game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for a number of attractive, extra items.

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Zombie HQ provides a great experience for a third-person action game. You fight the zombies with clean guns. Try to slaughter as many zombies as possible in each different mission. The gameplay is really simple. You control your character through different scenes, and shoot all the zombies along the way. You must try to avoid being eaten. You collect an abundant amount of resources, and stock up a huge arsenal of pistols, machine guns, turrets and pistols. The game also offers melee weapons like axes or saws, even grenades and first aid kits. If you love the zombie killer genre, then this fun game will keep you entertained for hours thanks to the variety of quests and the number of objects. The game is published by Rebellion, and you will notice many similarities with other zombie games from Gameloft. The game has a faster tempo, higher difficulty, and more persistent quests. The game loop is simple. Players will have to do quests, destroy monsters to earn money to upgrade equipment. You continue to do quests to upgrade weapons, expand homes. The game is impressed by the great graphics, the number of rich missions, many great weapons, and the sound effects are sharp. In particular, the game has high-quality cut scenes like movies. Over time, you will unlock the story, and interesting levels will slowly expand. You will experience loads of great side activities. However, this leads to the high difficulty of the game. Because some players may have difficulty unlocking the difficulty level, it is not possible to experience the game freely. The game also offers some useful tips and hints to help you progress easily, and unlock awesome quests. After completing your first tutorial quest, you will arrive at your home – a rooftop base. After completing each mission, you return to your headquarters, and you begin to plan your next strategy / mission. The more levels you level up, the more items you can buy, and receive various rewards. In-game money can be used to buy guns, melee weapons, explosives, clothes and other items. In addition, you also need to upgrade your character with four available traits, including Dexterity, Heal Ability, Healing Speed ​​and Movement Speed.

Zombie HQ does not emphasize complexity in gameplay. The player’s simple task is to find a way to survive, and build his base. The game gives you the freedom to build, and upgrade your own base, to your liking. You can build powerful turrets, or repair the protective barrier … After every zombie kill or survivor is saved, the player will get a certain score. You use bonus points to upgrade or equip yourself with new weapons. Another strength of the game is a diverse and rich weapon system.

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Zombie HQ has a fairly easy control mechanism. You use your finger to slide the control system on the right hand side, and the character will move in the direction of your finger. In the lower right, you have an action control system that includes: white buttons to switch between guns and baseball bats; Red buttons for throwing bullets (including grenades, mines or turrets), opponent lock buttons, green buttons allow reloading at will.

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Graphics and sound

Zombie HQ impresses with its high quality graphics. The overall design and character models perfectly match the great setting of the game. The game is produced by Rebellion – a famous game maker on PC and Console, so the quality of graphics is guaranteed. Graphics of the game can be “equal or superior” than any other game of the same genre. However, players still feel the movement smoothly despite the high quality of the graphics.

If you love zombie games, you can try “Zombie Evil“. You join a chaotic world, and the world government collapses one by one. You and a handful of people survive, and hunt Dr.Evil across the globe, destroying legions of undead everywhere. The game offers a diverse weapon system, different characters with different skills to develop and upgrade. The game has a vast world, and dozens of levels to explore. Similarly, you can also try “SAS: Zombie Assault 4” with many differences.

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Zombie HQ offers a great action experience in a large city. Get ready to face the zombies, complete many amazing missions. The game includes a variety of weapons systems such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, … You build automatic turrets and use many other explosives to protect the base. You also upgrade, and buy more great gadgets for the base. Be ready to perform special missions to receive many interesting prizes. The game is completely free, and has high-quality 3D graphics. You will enjoy the wonderful visual experience, realistic sound effects like the Zombie movie.

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