Farm Frenzy Free MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited money)

Farm Frenzy Free MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited money)

October 28, 2021


Additional Information
HeroCraft Ltd.
26.78 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited money

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Get ready to return to your childhood with your innocent days at the farm! A countryside with many cute animals is waiting for you to manage!

An excellent simulation game from HeroCraft Ltd producer, “Farm Frenzy Free” promises to bring wonderful management experience like a real farmer. You will have to work hard to reach orchards full of crops, a vast farm with various valuable animals (such as cows and chickens). You produce a specific amount of goods for a considerable profit or trade with neighboring towns.

This is a great farming simulation game and promises to give you a lot of fun.

Start your journey back to the countryside, build a farm, enjoy the peace and become a rich man. Don’t forget to connect with more friends to expand the fun, and get more money!

Farm management with lots of fun

The game offers a real working life in the countryside. You start with a small farm, and this will be your first anniversary. The original farm is excellent, but it needs cleaning up. Follow the instructions of the game to set up a cozy barn for your birds, upgrade the barn and receive daily bonuses.

You need to monitor the farm in real-time to stack grass constantly, mine wells, catch bears (and possibly sell bears in a poultry market to increase income), manage poultry species (chickens, sheep, cow, duck). You create many different goods, and use the money to upgrade equipment.

The game starts with a few ducks, and the action is simple. Over time, each task became more and more complex, and time was also gradually shortened.

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Peaceful country story with many exciting quests

You will have complete control over your operating farm. You can enjoy rural fun through activities such as poultry care, pastry production, wool, butter, and cheese. Every ingredient makes money and helps you make better products.

A comfortable game and you have a lot of fun during the game. Of course, you will also have to work hard to achieve goals like owning a certain number of animals, producing a specific quantity of goods, or making a considerable profit.

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It would be best if you had the concentration and patience to complete 72 different exciting levels. Each level has its unique challenges, and it bothers me when you are busy with additional requirements. You start from simple egg collecting quests, or catch bears. After that, you will face relatively complex tasks like producing cheese, wool cloth, and cake at the same time. For example, if you want to make a certain amount of baked goods, you have to do a series of activities including: planting grass – raising ducks for eggs – building an egg & bread factory – baking cakes according to request.

You will have to do many things in a short time to ensure the completion of the mission’s goal.

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Farm development with many different upgrades

Your farm will grow over time. Therefore, you must upgrade different parts of your farm to ensure productivity. The game has many upgrade options like other means of transporting goods to the market; You upgrade the capacity of the warehouse so that you can store as much as possible. You also have to upgrade more than 30 different buildings to expand the production scale.

Over time and more upgrades, your farm gets more significant to produce large quantities of produce, and make huge profits. You create different products, transact with neighboring cities to achieve the goals.

In addition, the game also features special VIP rewards, including super-fast transport vehicles, automatic water pumps, and discount cards. Thanks to the discount card, you can buy animals at a lower price for your farm.


Suitable for many people, cute graphics

The game has high-quality 2D graphics. The animals and landscapes are all pleasantly drawn, so the game is close to young people. The control system is easy and straightforward. Besides, the music is also beautiful. Animal noises are also meticulously taken care of. Overall, the game has bright vivid graphics, and excellent background music for extraordinary relaxation.

Also, if you like fun farming simulation, you can try “Family Farm Seaside” to experience the joy of building a dream farm by the beach. “FarmVille 2: Country Escape” offers an exciting farm adventure with rare goods, and new recipes.

A great game if you love farm management. You will grow a farm with cute animals, and typical activities in the countryside. Put on a pair of overalls and roll up your sleeves to experience the hard work of running a fantastic farm!

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