Skyforce Unite APK 2.0.7

Skyforce Unite APK 2.0.7


Skyforce Unite is a completely free strategy game for you. Interesting strategy in which the user will manage a fleet of aircraft. With the help of winged machines, you need to destroy hordes of monsters, swarming all over the planet. Players will have to visit many locations and assemble a team consisting of the public, because the machine and the manager, only together, can combine with the threat. The project is designed in retro style and has an airplane impression. Aircraft can be improved, as well as bought new. In addition, for the most successful hunting, you should team up with friends and fight enemies together. Dominate the skies with this thrilling game, climb aboard modern planes and experience a “one-of-a-kind” disaster. However, your program will face a lot of monsters with strange powers. Use your highest flying skills with the help of your teammates to take them down. As a phi company, you are also provided with powerful weapons to fight. Fight strategic aerial battles with your plane, taking down hordes of monsters! Skyforce Unite mod is the base of Hunters Assassin, specializing in exploring the earth and repelling monsters. The game was released by Kairosoft (a video game developer in Tokyo, Japan) with the famous game: Dungeon Village. Many pilots are also gathering today. Get yourself a plane and fly over the wild green mountains!

Graphics and sound

This game has stunning graphics, awesome weapons, and lots of levels to beat. You have a variety of ammo to choose from, each with a specific use, like an explosive sound, a ticking time bomb, or an energy beam. The new version of the game was released recently and now it has a multiplayer mode! When starting to participate in the Skyforce Unite world, players will be given a fighter plane as a means of adventure. In this first-person shooter, you will play as a mercenary who has a mission to combine with your teammates to protect the world from ferocious pirates and ferocious sea monsters. Although it is a flying game, gamers will not show off their silk steering wheel, but control through the skill card system and the steering and execution of the attack have been automatically taken by a modern aircraft.

Journey to uncover the mystery

You will conquer the sky with your favorite plane. Your warehouse is full of planes waiting; Choose your famous plane and start your journey. Remember that each aircraft will have different speed and combat capabilities, depending on whether you prefer to attack or defend, making the right choice for you. The skill of each pilot is also very important. Develop your character with various training exercises and learn new skills that will aid you as you explore this dangerous land! You have three essential jobs to remember in Skyforce Unite: recruit teammates, explore new lands, and defeat enemies along the way. Your teammates can be apprentice pilots or skilled mercenaries. You use the money to force them to take the flight with you. Based on the map to proceed to explore new lands, the flight route will depend on your decision. However, the journey is not always easy; Monsters will appear suddenly and attack you. Let’s fight to defeat them.

Fight with the enemy

Tons of robots, drones, helicopters, and enemy aliens carry a variety of weapons to mess with your world including rocket transformation, energy blasting services, laser beams heat search, and many different types. Please shoot down enemy ships with an auto-fire weapon or laser lock and send them down! Skyforce Unite has multiple levels with missions to complete. Each class has unique missions, from killing a certain number to flying through a barrage of bullets. You have to upgrade your jacket and engine with the experience points that are earned for completing that mission. Collect power-ups to enhance your power or gain other valuable abilities like higher speed or increased weapon size. Upgrade your guns and collect power-ups to improve your performance! Fight through your single-player campaign or formula in action-packed co-op multiplayer! Achievements & Leaderboards – Compare your scores with your friends.

Battle with cards

You will be given power cards to fight, which can be attack cards or defense cards. These cards carry the power of elements such as Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire, and Earth with very variable moves. However, the monsters are not inferior when they have the same power as your card. Your job is to make the right cards to counter their influence and counterattack immediately when you see an opening.

Upgrade parts and customize the plane at the same time

Power up your aircraft by combining maintenance, equipment, and parts. There are also rare planes that can only be obtained with the Abfala Omikuji. Multi-part upgrades and aircraft customization can be done by having multiple workshops. However, if a part is upgraded and used to customize a plane simultaneously, the upgrade on that part may not be saved and documentation for that part may be lost. Alternatively, you might meet a doctor who is busy developing airplanes and parts, and a paint shop for machines. Departure with your machine!

Exchanging Gold and Fame with Stamina

As soon as you unlock Amy Duckworth (the duck which can level up your maps), upgrade The Journey Begins in Primary Plains (which is the first level with only 4 squares in Expeditions). It’s recommended to upgrade the level of The Journey Begins as soon as Amy Duckworth is available. And as many times as possible. When you need gold and/or fame, just go to The Journey Begins with two of your pilots. Don’t add mercenaries since the level is easy and using mercenaries will eventually undercut your profits. Two pilots are sufficient (preferably with an apprentice). A 3rd pilot won’t be used in any case since attacking with a 3rd pilot means the turn counter has progressed to 2nd and that reduces income. The 3rd pilot can be removed by clicking on the plane icon and in the menu selecting [Deplane]. Helper escort can be skipped by clicking Skip on the lower left. Skipping helper means any aura gain is preserved for Training, which is useful when the aura bar is near full but otherwise suboptimal since using helper rewards cash. Get the lowest level helper in a bomber so that your lead pilot attacks first. If your lead has multi-target weapons, this can save time on attack animation.

Exchange stamina for Mile Points

A competing target for Amy Duckworth’s bell is Primary Plains – Dark Marauders (1-4). 2 refuel points are available on the map for 3 stamina. Milerewardss rewards are randomly distributed across the dice rolls. Each refuel point can have between 1 and 3 dice rolls that reward Mile Points. The amount of Mile Points awarded depends on the level of the map. That is why Amy Duckworth’s bell is required. Compared to The Journey Begins (1-1) for gold, Dark Marauders is less efficient in terms of playtime or stamina. However, it provides an avenue to convert stamina to Mile Points whereas The Journey Begins does not.

Become a good pilot

In front of you are waiting for discoveries and heavenly space in your hands, download the game and capture the sky. You will manage a huge hangar where you will build your planes, fly them, and even take part in the battle, but first, you need to recruit experienced workers into a team. and take the first steps towards your dream. Game with beautiful features, but completely free for you. The game’s graphics are not too impressive, but this makes the game very light, and suitable for almost any phone line. Skyforce Unite is a fighting game, but the image is not too offensive or creepy, so it is ideal for players aged 7 and up. Although it’s free, you can still upgrade with cash to maximize your experience.

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