Biz Builder Delux MOD APK 2.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

Biz Builder Delux MOD APK 2.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

October 25, 2023


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Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
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Unlimited Money

Biz Builder Delux poster

The new simulation game Biz Builder Delux created by the developer Kairosoft is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. In the game, players need to build their business empire from intelligent strategies and precious calculations. From video game shops to the fast-food restaurant, you will open small shops as you wish and set up a model of the small town’s business.

Once you have sufficient funds, you can invest in other more profitable areas and make your business more profitable. In the Biz Builder Delux, thanks to the unlimited money and coins, your dynasty rises rapidly. Trying to get other people’s money to continue to roll into your pocket is a major purpose.

However, every player should know that if you want to attract customers, you still need a little strategy. When you are competing with your competitors, you need some high-quality products to win. Biz Builder Delux is now available on all mobile online platforms. Come and build your business empire!

General Information

Biz Builder Delux is a business simulation game created by Kairosoft. The developer uses the classic pixel style to tell the story of the protagonist starting to invest and establishing his business empire. In this game, players need to build an extraordinary business empire by formulating business strategies. You must continue to accumulate wealth and become a business tycoon. The game simulates the entire process of opening a store most realistically.

Before opening a store, players need to survey the surrounding customers and other supporting facilities. After the new store opens, players need to decorate the store, recruit employees, and manage operations. Depending on the business, you must come up with strategies to gain profits as much as possible.

When the flagship store’s business is settled, players can consider developing the company towards a grouping and diversified operation. They can choose from a bakery, clothing store, bookstore, and museum. The more vigorous your investment, the more profits you will gain.

Biz Builder Delux maintains high freedom in the gameplay. And besides the mainline operation, there will be many additional games for you to join. They include some treasure hunts and arena challenges. Overall, the unique contents in Biz Builder Delux are self-evident and unstoppable.

Background Story

Biz Builder Delux is a business game developed by Kairosoft. It is the best simulation business style stand-alone game. There is nothing more exciting than creating a commercial country, especially a commercial country that you built by yourself. That’s right! From video game stores to fast-food restaurants, you will open small stores as your interest and build a small-town corporate model.

Once your vault is full, you can venture into other fields. Don’t be shy! Try to stretch yourself to other areas. Let your business dynasty rise quickly. And let other people’s money continue to roll into your pockets. Remember that if you need customers, you must build a specific strategy from attracting a customer to valuable products. When competing with competitors, you need some high-quality products to win. After that, you can become the chief trader of the town. The game offers a diverting scene atmosphere. It does not take up much of the mobile phone battery.

The deluxe version of Biz Builder Delux for business development is a simulation strategy game. The content of the game is to simulate the construction of a modern city like the construction of virtual life. In the game, you live in a commercial city. Every citizen can have their own life here.

How to Layout the Biz Builder Delux for Business Development?

There are four crucial steps to layout the Biz Builder Delux.

  1. First, we choose equipment for placement. It is essential. Then, we need to pay attention to placing equipment. It must be neatly arranged and not allow our guests to detour. The guests are annoying, which makes you lose your patience all the time.
  2. Do the door decoration first. We can see that there are many decorations offered in the game. Players need to place a decoration on the outside. It is more important than anything else. Attracting guests is the key to our profit. Then, we can layout the indoor building.
  3. Focus on updating the entertainment facilities. We need to place the entertainment facilities in the middle so we can serve the surrounding guests. If there are entertainment facilities when guests are waiting in line, it can help us improve the patience of the guests and their happiness.
  4. You must leave the queue space alone. We can see many buildings appearing in the game. It is an essential step. We need special attention to leave a room for customers to line up. Players need to deal with the settings of these rooms.

Players must pay attention to the settings of various buildings in the game. Books, food, and other things need to be fully equipped. According to the basic arrangement and some creativity, you can get a better store.

Overall Assessments

We cannot let your productivity level increase more than usual. In particular, we will talk to you about our experience with Biz Builder Delux.

Interesting Gameplay

Kairosoft, the father of Game Dev Story, has just released an interesting simulation game called Biz Builder Delux. If you are always passionate about becoming a tycoon in the business world, Biz Builder Delux seems to be a perfect choice. The players will manage many businesses and own massive buildings in your dreams in the most realistic way.

The game developer promises to bring to the players the most authentic and rewarding experience. Biz Builder Delux version allows you to become the most extraordinary and brightest entrepreneur in town. You will run a variety of bustling businesses such as fast-food restaurants, video game shops, and cafes.

However, the difficulty is about setting up a business of an indiscriminate restaurant. Biz Builder Delux requires players to plan a specific strategy to build a perfect business model. You must learn how to get the most benefit from loyal customers who frequent the store. Also, players must invest in research and development thoroughly to attract many shoppers.

And just like doing business in the actual world, you cannot avoid nasty high-profile competitors. Biz Builder Delux allows players to experience a competitive mode where you can compete against your opponents and win customers. Do not forget to always train your staff and decorate your store to attract visitors or passersby.

Graphics and Designs

Let’s move on to the graphic designs of Biz Builder Delux. You will have by now understood that it is a game of the famous software house Kairosoft. We will manage an entire chain of stores. With the classic 8-Bit retro graphics, the game characterizes the characters like all Kairosoft games with many details.

Using 2D graphics technology and pixel-style rendering is a distinct feature of Biz Builder Delux. They set the game in a luxury commercial city. In the game, players will design the interior layout and furniture in the house and stores according to their preferences.

The music in the game is also very excellent when combining the use of gentle rhythmic music and cartoon images to create interesting effects. It also gives players relaxing moments during the cruise itinerary.

Venture Towns

Venture Towns is a pixel game with a simulation business theme like Biz Builder Delux. The gameplay may be more like a construction module in virtual life. There is a real estate company operated by the player that can start the construction mode anywhere.

As a simulating mobile game, the cost of extra-purchase items is six times more than the regular game, and the research data will not decrease. Besides, the game is powerful. So, it costs a certain amount of battery.

In the game, players can freely configure buildings such as houses and small shops. Then continue to expand the streets to gain more profits. By building small shops related to properties together to form specialized commercial areas such as Food Street, Happy Street, and Autumn Leaf Street, the land prices will explode. And you will become a millionaire.

In this game, residents will live and work on the map to build a town full of personality. You can also buy pets and transportation. If you win the lottery, you can change your life instantly.

The game inherits the theme of a similar simulating game when the player is still responsible for running a city. This time, the player will truly build a modern metropolis. The player will plan the entire city in the game, such as commercial streets and CBD. Your hands will establish them. There is only clever resource allocation that can maximize the value of the land.

World Cruise Story

World Cruise Story is a mobile game business simulation topic by the famous publisher, Kairosoft company research and development. The game will bring players to experience the business on luxury ships. You will meet guests from different parts of the world.

World Cruise Story continues Kairosoft’s traditional way of doing so far. With no fixed details, but depending on the player’s choice, the game will bring you to an uncommon experience. Players need to design the basic furniture on board such as the reception compartment, the reception, and the deck.

After completing the basic design, the player’s next job is to build and design the system of entertainment and green space for ships. We can mention the entertainment system as gyms and high-end restaurants. They reveal that the more convenient and perfect the player’s ship, the more chance it will attract more visitors.

You can also recruit staff to improve service quality on board. Tourists onboard usually come from three dominant countries such as Japan, China, and Germany. Another thing to note is that the needs and tastes of visitors from these countries will be different. So, you need to rely on this to have the right design on board.

In short, although there is no difference in gameplay and art style compared to other Kairosoft mobile games, the game content is rich and can be played for a long time. Not only that, but this topic is also an interesting topic that many players love. Therefore, World Cruise Story is a relatively interesting game to experience. But the challenge of paying still prevents World Cruise Story from reaching most players in the market.

Final Words

If you have felt bored with role-playing, action, or racing games, Biz Builder Delux Mod APK will give you a new and exciting experience when playing a game on your phone. Coming to Biz Builder Delux, you will unleash your talent in planning.

Specifically, you will play the role of the manager of a busy city. Your primary task is relying on resources to build hospital roads and restaurants to amusement parks. Next, when the dining venues have customers and generate income, you continue to invest in more high-end casinos or resorts for your city to attract more residents and tourists.

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