10 Best Fishing Games

10 Best Fishing Games

Mei 13, 2019

The Best

You will like games on mobile devices because of improved speed, and image quality. The number of new Android games is always high every year, and most are great in mobile phones. You will enjoy the great choices in the fishing category. Sports games with fish are always interesting on Android by practicality. However, many people are unaware of interesting, interesting games with lots of fun. You will create many great experiences in the “Best Android fishing games“. Alternatively, you can click on the video in each category in the list of games below, and you’ll see lots of interesting introductory images.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing Wild Catch poster

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch will provide a great 3D fishing experience in the deep blue ocean. You will hunt many wonderful fish with a simple touch. The game supports tutorials and training for players to master fishing skills. In addition, the game has impressive 3D Graphics with extremely lively and realistic fishes in perfect physical interaction. Gameplay is realistic with a multitude of fishing rods (different lengths and tension), and perfect fish movements. In addition, players will travel around the world, and collect hundreds of unique fish species of each region. You will also participate in tournaments and confront countless players worldwide. The game also supports the excellent Bait Making System.

Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook is a simple, exciting 3D fishing game. You will experience the fishing journey in the most beautiful places on the planet. You will face difficulties from the smallest fish to giant sharks. You need to improve your fishing skills to become a professional fisherman on an exciting journey. Always be ready to upgrade your fishing rod, and quickly catch fish as soon as needed. The game offers a real experience, and you have to use the coil skillfully. You have to choose the right kind of bait, the type of line, the type of rod to make sure the fish does not escape the hook. Drop small fish to increase your chances of catching value. In addition, the game has many interesting features, and you need to unlock new locations, buy many great items.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon poster

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is an arcade 2D game – exciting fishing. You will do everything to become the best fisherman in this addictive clicker game. You will enjoy cruises in a great adventure. You will catch fish and grow your crew. In addition, you need to make money to upgrade your boat and equipment. You must do everything to build your Fishing Empire. You can also recruit and upgrade your own crew, and everyone will jointly search for rare and epic fishes. In addition, the game also supports equipping Legendary items, and unlocking new features. Don’t forget to take part in multi-player fishing tournaments, and try lucky fishing on wheels.

Let’s Fish

Let's Fish poster

Let’s Fish is a 3D fishing game with maximum relaxation. You will feel relaxed after work, and take the fishing rod to experience the fun and exciting fishing time. The game possesses a realistic landscape, and you will travel to various practical locations throughout Asia and other continents, such as the Mekong River, Lake Qinghai, Cape Horn and dozens of other destinations. You will discover more than 40 interesting Fishes from small to medium sized fish like Mackerel fish, salmon and swordfish. In addition, you will also discover great fishing gear in the online fishing store. The game is full of complete tools including fishing rods, fishing hooks, fishing lines, funerals, fishing nets, bait, … You will enjoy the richness and diversity of the game.

Rapala Fishing

Rapala Fishing Daily Catch

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch is a 3D fishing game with many differences. The game creates a feeling of diving, and experiences the thrill of realistic 3D at 24 different locations. In addition, you also participate in competitive challenges, and tournaments that promise great rewards. Upgrade your equipment, and become an experienced fisherman. You need to show your skills to compete with friends, and other anglers in difficult challenges. The game is impressed by simple, intuitive and intuitive control mechanisms. In addition, the game also offers instructions that help provide important insight on how to succeed for fishermen at every skill level. Get ready to join the immense diving world.

Monster Fishing 2020

Monster Fishing 2020 poster

Monster Fishing 2019 is fierce 3D fishing game. You’ll travel around holiday destinations around the world, and experience fishing with simple one-touch controls. The game feels really surreal Full 3D like you are in the Pacific Ocean. You will face more than 250 full 3D fish species, and experience the global ocean at the world’s 30 best fishing spots. In addition, you will have to sweat to succeed with the actual interface and controls. Be ready to pack your fishing rod, reel, fishing line and bait to explore the world. Get your free fishing gear now, and upgrade your interesting gear. Lots of monster fish are waiting for your skills.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Pokémon Magikarp Jump poster

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is a unique pokemon 2D fishing game. You will discover the wonderful Magikarp world, though it is famous for its pathetic, useless weakness. However, you will enjoy many surprising events in the store. The control mechanism is simple, and it allows people to easily feed many generations of Magikarp. You will touch the food that appears on the screen to deliver Magikarp, or complete the training to increase its jumping power. In addition, discover all kinds of Magikarp with unusual patterns like polka dots and polka dots. You should also show off a rare Magikarp with friends on social media networks. The game also has the support of Pikachu and Piplup.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator poster

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a great 3D fishing simulation game. The game possesses stunning graphics, and realistic gameplay like life. The game will immerse you in exciting fishing hours in many beautiful locations around the world. Gameplay is quite unique, and a little crazy in the hours of fun. You choose the right equipment, find comfortable seats and let go. Success will come with wise players and many great fishing skills. Besides traditional fishing environments, you also have ice fishing in the cold winter. Buy a drill in the mechanical store, find the appropriate seat and drill a hole through the tape. But do not drill too small or it is difficult to lead fish.

Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash poster

Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game. Bass Hunting 3D is an interesting fishing. You will face other players in real-time PvP. You need to catch many valuable fish species to win exclusive rewards. The game supports social network interaction with other anglers. The game impresses by vivid 3D graphics, and amazing realistic activities (Florida Coast, Guntersville, Amazon River, Loch Ness, Great Barrier Reef, Mekong River and more). The game also introduces hundreds of 3D fish species, and professional tools. Enjoy new content and in-game events every week. Start your fishing career with great levels, and exciting new missions.

Fishing Strike

Fishing Strike poster

Fishing Strike is a great 3D fishing game. The game possesses realistic graphics, interesting actions and a real thrill. You will enjoy exciting fishing games with many stressful skills. The game will give you an interesting feeling when catching all the fish in the underwater world. In addition, you will also discover many world famous fishing spots in Realistic Graphics. You will enjoy 500 perfect model fishes, and fishing holes are world famous. In particular, you will experience the wonderful aquarium feeling with VR and AR. You will love the vividness of the 360-degree view of realistic moving fish. The game is an interesting type of fishing, and enjoy it as a professional fisherman.

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